Are you ready to easily overcome these three massively debilitating ADHD hurdles?

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  • Task Paralysis

    You will know exactly how to make choices on what to do, and you will feel confident in your ability to overcome the paralysis of too many options.

  • Lack of Motivation

    You will learn how to easily get started on any task no matter how boring, frustrating, or scary it might be.

  • Finish What You Start

    Get ready to feel a major confidence boost and a huge increase in your self-worth as you experience what it's like to finish the projects you start. SPOILER: it feels amazing! And you will experience it in this program.

Course curriculum

    1. Initial Assessment, DO THIS FIRST!

    2. Course Introduction

    3. A Fresh Perspective

    4. Be Cool With Yourself

    5. Externalize, Externalize, Externalize

    6. Worksheets To Download

    1. Task Paralysis Introduction

    2. When You Are Too Overwhelmed With Choices

    3. Do You Know What You Are Working On?

    4. When Everything Has Equal Weight

    1. Lack of Motivation Introduction

    2. When It's Too Hard To Get Started

    3. When It Feels Like It Will Take Forever

    4. When There's Nothing In It For You

    5. When You Can't Meet Your Standard Of Perfection

    1. When Fear Gets In The Way

    2. When You're Not Sure If You are Done

    3. When You're Too Burned Out To Finish

    4. When You Forgot What You Were Doing

    5. When It's Too Huge Of A Goal

    1. Before You Start The Nudges

    2. Day 1-Nudge

    3. Day 2 Nudge

    4. Day 3 Nudge

    5. Day 4 Nudge

    6. Day 5 Nudge

    7. Day 6 Nudge

    8. Day 7 Nudge

    9. Day 8 Nudge

    10. Day 9 Nudge

    11. Day 10 Nudge

    12. Day 11 Nudge

    13. Day 12 Nudge

    14. Day 13 Nudge

    15. Day 14 Nudge


    17. Post-Nudges

About this course

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  • 37 lessons
  • printable worksheets
  • eBook
  • 30-day money back guarantee

You can achieve great things, despite your ADHD


“Russ Jones is one of the funniest and most impactful people I’ve ever met. He has helped me progress further toward achieving my goal of writing a book then I have achieved in the past ten years!”


“Working with Russ was the single most important investment I made for myself this year. With Russ’s help I was able to break down what felt massive into smaller, attainable goals. I would go back and watch the videos throughout the day if I started feeling overwhelmed and it would help get me back on track. ”


“ His methods are so easy to follow and he truly cares about helping you through your own journey.”


“Not being able to play music everyday didn’t feel like it was a big enough deal to ask for help. Why couldn’t I do it on my own? I don’t know, but I couldn’t. In two weeks with Russ I went from putting off doing something I wanted to learn because I was so busy to playing music and singing everyday for twenty minutes, sometimes more!”

Jennifer MacLean

There is a fast, easy way to see big change in your ADHD life!

Meet Your Instructor

Russ Jones

ADHD Big Brother

Russ has been helping simplify lives for over a decade. Diagnosed with ADHD and depressive disorder, Russ found that the ways in which he was able to manage his life resonated with others who were facing similar struggles. He has training in integrative wellness as well as ADHD coaching. Like any good big brother would, Russ has chosen to help others who wish to get out of the paralysis and hopelessness that often accompanies a life of ADHD and co-morbid depression. During the pandemic, Russ used his time in solitude to put his skills of educating into helping to simplify the ADHD/depression struggle and build affordable programs to help adults with ADHD/depression overcome those struggles.

Experience a new you!

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